Wellness & Immune Health

Our Wellness & Immune Health market focuses on immunity and general well-being through innovative products, which include nutritional yeasts, probiotics, prebiotics, and active ingredients.

Our products offer key nutrients to our bodies and effective solutions for supporting health, daily nutrition, and beauty. 

We believe that microorganisms are the vehicles that can help us achieve homeostasis, producing the vitamins, minerals, fibers, and proteins our bodies need to live better.

Our portfolio of products in the Wellness & Immune Health market is filled with solutions that will help customers to live better and thrive.



Daily Nutrition


General Wellbeing

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" Our bodies experience many strains every day. Whether they are infections, diseases, or oxidative stress, it’s critical that we arm our bodies with the tools it needs to fight these adversaries. A healthy immune system is the key to keeping us healthy every day. "

Julie Lemahieu

Market Manager