We’re committed to supporting health and wellness throughout women’s lives: from infancy to adolescence, during pregnancy, and after menopause. By exploring the biotransformation processes occurring within the body, we’re able to identify actives that are linked with male and female fertility, pregnancy, and overall wellness.

Whether helping to increase chances of conception, mitigate vaginal discomfort, or balance hormonal changes in during menopause, we strive to connect brands with the effective and efficacious solutions that enable their customers to thrive throughout every stage of their lives.

Providing solutions for:


We provide solutions for gynecological health that help manage discomfort, such as inflammation and vaginitis.

Urinary Health

Our solutions have been shown to help prevent urinary tract infections and maintain healthy bladders.


We supply ingredients for women and men—such as folate—that can increase the possibility of conception.


A healthy pregnancy requires a specific level of folate, and we have developed a revolutionary, innovative folate solution.


With solutions to address hormonal changes, support healthy bones, and manage vascular problems, our ingredients support women during and after menopause.

Reproduction & Women's Health

Discover how we support the reproduction and women’s wellness throughout their lives with our solutions.

Featured Ingredient

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An innovative metabolic active form of folate that supports numerous health benefits, especially before conception and during pregnancy.

A patented strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a probiotic yeast that supports vaginal health and women’s vaginal microflora.

The optimal vitamin K2 in the form of MK7 that is naturally derived through fermentation with clinically proven benefits for healthy post-menopausal women in bone and cardiovascular protection. 

The only clinically validated vitamin k2, delivering cardiovascular and bone benefits for young and old.

A highly bioavailable nutritional yeast fortified with selenium to support fertility in women and men.

The calcium salt of (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, intended for use as an alternative to folic acid in dietary supplements and functional foods.

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Silvia Pisoni
Silvia Pisoni
Market Manager – Reproduction & Women’s Health

Our bodies change frequently throughout our lives, and we’ve studied these changes so that we can provide solutions that benefit us through every part of our life. From pregnancy to post-natal and through our later, golden years, we help keep women healthy and comfortable.”

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Reproduction & Women's Health