Reproduction & Women’s Health

We are dedicated to promoting the health of women from early childhood through adolescence, during pregnancy, and after menopause. 

By exploring the natural processes occurring within the body, we have been able to identify unique nutritional actives, probiotics, and nutritional yeasts that are linked with fertility, pregnancy, and overall wellness. 

Whether helping to increase the chances of conception, mitigating vaginal discomfort, or balancing hormonal changes during menopause, we strive to connect brands with efficacious solutions that enable their customers to thrive throughout life’s stages. 



Vaginal Care


Urinary Health


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Our bodies change frequently throughout our lives, and we’ve studied these changes so that we can provide solutions that benefit us through every part of our life. From pregnancy to post-natal and through our later golden years, we help keep women healthy and comfortable.

Silvia Pisoni

Market Manager