Our Values

Under our microscope, life is rich in opportunity. We believe in a vast universe of potential waiting to be discovered, with health benefits ripe for the picking. All can be obtained by exploring, capturing, and cultivating the unique power of microorganisms. 

We are men and women of Science, but first, we are human beings driven by the desire to put better self-care into the hands of the many. 

Science is our life force. We breathe it into everything we do.

Service is our culture. We prove it to clients and partners every day.

Sustainability is our creed. We live by it for a healthier planet.

We are GNOSIS and we love what we do: Exploring life to improve living!

Our Vision: Healthier self-care solutions to be explored

We believe healthier self-care solutions already exist all around us, just waiting to be explored.

We work for a future and for a world that moves better, digests better, ages better, feels better, and ultimately lives better thanks to science and nature.

We endeavor to have a positive impact on the environment and help to ensure the sustainability of the future.

That is why we have chosen to pursue what we believe is a different, better option, one that places human health and the planet’s health on a mutual road toward well-being 

Our Mission: Exploring life to improve Living

At Gnosis, we are driven to capture and cultivate the infinite potential of microorganisms for the well-being of people and our planet.  

Our mission is to explore and understand what is all around us, focusing our attention on life forms that are not even visible to the human eye, but ones that humans and nature have relied on since the beginning of time: microorganisms. 

Microorganisms reside all around us and even within us.

They are invisible agents of change facilitating our mobility, protecting us from disease, and helping us to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Our mission is to work in tandem with microorganisms to provide the best for human well-being and the planet.   

At Gnosis, we harness the power of microorganisms to transform compounds into usable nutritional actives, probiotics, and nutritional yeasts that benefit human well-being. Our process is natural and sustainable and allows us to best contribute to shaping the future of the industry. 

Life on a microscopic scale

We have always been tireless explorers of a
fascinating territory: life on a microscopic scale.

We bring together men and women driven by the desire to discover new opportunities to find new solutions so that humankind can take better control of its own health.

Our core values: Trust, transparency, team work

Trust, transparency, and teamwork are the core values that we strive to achieve in all of our work.  

Trust: We truly believe in science, nature, and people and we believe that through these we can foster a stronger world. 

Transparency: We cultivate quality products that have been clinically proven while keeping our production processes open and transparent. 


Teamwork: Every member of our Team has the customer at the center of our processes.  

By working with our partners and better understanding the customer’s and market’s demands, we are able to provide active solutions adapted to their needs as well as create a healthier world. 

Gnosis Fundamentals

Check out this video with Philippe Caillat our Global Marketing Director