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Energy & Immune Health Mag

Immunity has become one of the major consumer health concerns, but did you know that immunity is also integrally linked to Energy? When the body is unnecessarily allocating energy to the immune system means that there is less energy available for other physiological or behavioral functions


What is Vitamin K2, what role does it have in health?​

Overwhelming research shows natural vitamin K2 – especially its key isomers MK-7 – to be very effective in bone health support and protection from heart disease.

Besides its proven role in bone and cardiovascular health, new research has linked how K2 delivers heart benefits to impacting new health areas and conditions.

Cardiovascular Health Mag

Compromised heart health is a global concern, with the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating cardiovascular diseases take 17.9 million lives each year.  

The good news is that heart health is no longer viewed as a reactive category. Consumers recognize they must be proactive about protecting their health, including shoring up their cardiovascular system to carry them into their senior years.

Mood & Cognitive Health Mag

Mood & Cognitive Health Mag

When we talk about brain health, we are referring to the overall well-being of our brain. This includes its structure, function, and ability to perform daily tasks.

A healthy brain is essential for good mental health, cognitive functions, mood balance, and overall quality of life.​ According to WHO, the prevalence of mental health disorders worldwide is currently estimated at 970 million people.