Our Commitments

“Exploring Life to Improve Living” is our motto. 

We remain committed to this in all of our work. 

At Gnosis, we believe that health for humankind is integrally linked to the health of the planet.  

We are convinced that progress at the expense of the environment is not a sustainable option for humankind. That is why one of our biggest commitments is to listen to and partner with nature, and make sure that our processes are in harmony.   

Our solutions are intimately interlinked with nature itself through microorganisms and fermentation processes. 

Gnosis & Vitamins Angels

We know that children are our future and therefore we are proud to sponsor and work in collaboration with Vitamin Angels. Vitamin Angels is a unique charity that is dedicated to making health a human right for everyone, everywhere.

Vitamin Angels strives to achieve this goal by providing supplementation and vitamins to those in most need who are malnourished in the hardest places to reach across the globe.  

Learn more about Vitamin Angels and how we can all do our part to eliminate vitamin deficiencies worldwide.  

Gnosis partners with nature and life

By harnessing the power of natural processes and microorganisms, we can transform compounds into usable nutritional actives, biotics, and nutritional yeasts that benefit human well-being and don’t harm the environment 

By harnessing the power of natural processes and microorganisms, we can transform compounds into usable nutritional actives, biotics, and nutritional yeasts that benefit human well-being and don’t harm the environment.   

Our process is natural and sustainable, and this process is called fermentation.   

We understand more than ever that consumers care about the sustainability of products and making sure they come from natural origins, which is why we embrace innovation based on science and expertise to provide exactly this.

We constantly strive to improve our abilities to adapt to climate change and believe it is our duty to address the challenges of energy use, carbon emissions, and water savings so that we can preserve the planet now for future generations. 

We believe microbial transformation is the answer and an untapped, transformative resource, which can help us develop natural, sustainable, and efficacious solutions for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical brands looking to develop environmentally sustainable products for consumers. 

We believe that being sustainable is not a challenge but an opportunity to make better solutions that can provide better human health for generations to come, without compromising our planet.

IMPACT is our CSR commitments

Improving the quality of life for all humans while preserving the health of the planet is a challenge. 

We believe that biotransformation and microorganisms are promising answers to this challenge.  

As a leading voice in the natural product industry, we are uniquely positioned to deliver a sustainable positive impact on the health of people and the planet. 

We care about people

To nourish 9 billion people, healthily, in 2050 will be a major challenge for all. We believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to this challenge. 

Supporting health starts from birth and lasts until we are happily aged. This is why we have a range of solutions that can be beneficial during pregnancy and for newborns and support health late into one’s golden years. Our solutions can help us all do the most with our lives and enjoy every moment of it! 

We keep innovating to make sure that we can provide affordable and targeted health solutions which can truly contribute to a better life for all so that we can all enjoy a better tomorrow!  

We care about the environment ​

Life has existed for over 4 billion years in over 1 trillion forms!  

In that time scientists have discovered and cataloged 1.2 million of life’s species, which is still only roughly 1/1000 of all life forms. 

When it comes to life on our planet there is a lot we do know, but there is a lot more we don’t!  

We are in awe of that reality and the undiscovered, unexplored, untapped potential that surrounds us. We believe that by learning from nature we can find new and innovative solutions which can not only benefit human health but the planet. We use science to decode what is all around us in nature so that we can bring those benefits to all!  

We understand that everything we do can have an impact on the environment which is why we believe that there is a better, more environmentally friendly way to approach the human health industry.  

That is why we harness the power of nature respectfully and work with our suppliers and customers to ensure that production is done responsibly across all of our operations and supply chains.   

Microorganisms are part of our workforce, therefore, we know that protecting the environment means protecting our workforce, because when the environment thrives, so do we!