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Our gut is the epicenter of our health, and consumers have taken note. Awareness and interest in solutions to support gut health and digestion continue to grow, driving demand.  

Consumersinterest in digestive health has driven the success of probiotics, and that shows no signs of slowing with new scientific breakthroughs linking the microbiome to general health and mental health continuing to propel innovations.

Supporting liver health and enhancing digestive comfort can be critical in improving the overall quality of life. That is why our solutions in the Digestion & Gut Health market concentrate on the best and most scientifically validated methods for supporting digestive diseases like diarrhea and abdominal pain by reestablishing the gut flora. Our solutions also promote liver detoxification and protection. 

From probiotics and prebiotics in the form of bacteria and yeasts to key active ingredients, we believe nature and science provide the best solutions for digestion and gut health. 




Liver health

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" The science behind probiotics, the microbiome, and how they together impact our overall health and wellbeing is fascinating and still uncovering new findings. We dedicate our energy to expanding our Digestion & Gut Health solutions so that you can enjoy more future business prospects and innovation! "

Philippe Caillat

Global Marketing Manager