Adonat® Premium SAMe is the leading fermented-derived brand of S-Adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe), a natural molecule evidenced to support a healthy mood and emotional well-being, as it is directly involved in the methylation of neurotransmitters. It is also linked to cognitive function by counteracting alterations in brain structure and function tied to the aging process. SAMe is involved in more than one hundred biochemical pathways and it has been shown to benefit liver and joints, and more.

SAMe supplementation with Adonat® Premium SAMe, can represent a comprehensive solution to tackle brain health, working in the most important areas of neurotransmission, neuroprotection, and neuroplasticity.

In joint and liver health Adonat® Premium SAMe supplementation can represent an important factor in promoting the maintenance of healthy functioning and in counteracting compromised conditions.

With more than 30 years of expertise and 10 patents, Adonat(R) Premium SAMe combines state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing, relentless innovation, and esteemed research to achieve an exclusive proprietary stabilized salts and innovative forms of oral dosage.

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    • Mood & Cognitive
    • Mobility & Joint
    • Digestion & Gut
    • Wellness & Immune
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    • Mood Health iconMood
    • Cognition iconCognition
    • Stress & Anxiety iconStress & Anxiety
    • attention-concentrationAttention and Concentration
    • Joint Health iconJoint
    • Liver Health iconLiver
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  • Gluten-free
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  • Lactose-free
  • Non GMO

Gnosis by Lesaffre: The first to market in SAMe

Gnosis by Lesaffre was the first company to introduce and commercialize SAMe in the nutraceuticals worldwide market. Today, its cGMP-approved manufacturing plant in Switzerland guarantees the highest quality standards.

Our SAMe brand Adonat®  Premium SAMe is produced by a biotransformation process of saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cultures and is purified without the use of solvents.

Watch the video and discover 5 new features about Adonat® Premium SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-methionine)

An expertise that guarantees quality

The quality level of SAMe dietary ingredient is the key to have an effective and reliable finished product on the market. Adonat® offers the highest content of biologically active SAMe, with an (S,S) isomer content ≥ 75 % , where the “USP Dietary Supplement Monograph” requires only ≥
60.0 %, for a certain efficacy and safety and a reliable experience of dietary supplement manufacturers and final consumers.


The pharmaceutical grade SAMe

Gnosis is the worldwide key manufacturing of SAMe pharmaceutical grade (AATC Code “Alimentary Tract and Metabolism: A16AA02” produced in the approved
pharmaceutical plant where well-trained staff guarantee highest quality in strict compliance with CGMP requirements.

A consolidated manufacturing process and supply chain

Pharmaceutical cGMP rules are applied to both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production lines. All manufacturing steps respect and protect the active ingredient as well as the entire supply chain, which is strictly controlled and consistently optimized with periodic activities.


Exclusive and flexible dosage forms

We perpetually continues our R&A development for products made with SAMe, and today we are the only manufacturer in the world able to supply high quality SAMe bulk powder, enteric coated tablets, mixes, and stabilized oral dosage forms – for both nutritional and pharmaceutical applications.

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Mood & Cognitive

No matter how healthy our bodies are, our brain is what enables us to truly thrive!  

Our brain controls our mood and behavior, and it drives us to learn, explore, remember, and create.

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