From taking a walk to climbing stairs, completing everyday tasks to improving exercise, mobility helps us explore our world freely and fully. We study the biotransformation processes occurring within our bodies that assist with mobility—those that create compounds like vitamin K2 and chondroitin sulfate—and use them to cultivate natural nutritional solutions that empower our bones, joints, and muscles to move us through every part of our day throughout our entire life.

Providing solutions for:

Bone Health

We help strengthen bones with ingredients that optimize calcium delivery by keeping calcium out of the arteries and driving it to bones.

Joint Health

Our innovative ingredients can help soothe joint disorders and pain, issues that become increasingly prevalent as we age.

Muscle Health

We can deliver naturally sourced protein from yeast, the building blocks of stronger muscles.

Sports Nutrition

With solutions that address bone, joint, and muscular health, our ingredients empower better athletic activity and exercise performance for healthy agers and sport enthusiasts.

Mobility & Joint Health

Discover how we support the mobility, the joint health, bones and muscles health.


The optimal vitamin K2 in the form of MK7 that is naturally derived through fermentation and supports stronger bones.

The unique fermentation-derived, animal-free chondroitin sulfate, an ingredient linked with joint health.

The leading brand of SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-methionine), a compound produced naturally by the body that can be efficiently used for joint pain relief.

Lynside® ProteYn

A source of complete protein derived from yeast that offers excellent digestibility.


Xavier Berger
Xavier Berger
Market Manager – Mobility & Joint Health
Microorganisms and biotransformation help us develop active ingredients that make us move and feel better, empowering our bones, muscles, and joints in every part of our lives.”

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Mobility & Joint Health