LANDKIND® Pure Salidroside

Rhodiola (rosea or crenulata), well-known for its impact on energy levels, mood, and mental performance, has been a botanical used in natural products for centuries, with salidroside, Rhodiola’s most studied bioactive, playing an important role in its efficacy. Due to its increasing demand, Rhodiola species are threatened by overharvesting and were added to the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) list of endangered species to ensure their sustainable harvest and trade. Our innovative fermentation process bypasses the need to harvest the endangered Rhodiola species producing only Pure Salidroside. Crafted through fermentation, LANDKIND® Pure Salidroside offers a sustainable and convenient source of the finest of Rhodiola with consistent purity, allowing space for innovative formulas in nutraceuticals and sports nutrition supplements while being inherently CITES compliant.
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Clinically proven

LANDKIND® Pure Salidroside is the first and only with a clinical study, the results of which suggest that supplementation with Salidroside may be an effective way to enhance oxygen uptake during exercise. Additionally, it has the potential to mitigate performance decline associated with accumulated fatigue and mood disturbance, particularly related to fatigue and friendliness.

Embracing the concept of sustainable supplements

Revolutionizing Rhodiola bioactives through fermentation, offering only Pure Salidroside while leaving nature untouched.

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Pure & convenient

Benefit from only the best bioactive of Rhodiola with LANDKIND® Pure Salidroside, leaving room for innovative formulas and applications.

Consumers acclaim the power of pure salidroside

A true success story of LANDKIND® Pure Salidroside with a strong consumer commitment to its benefits.

Experienced by more than 1,300 real people and regularly rated five stars

From August 2022 to September 2023, LANDKIND® Pure Salidroside was distributed directly to consumers. The positive feedback from the LANDKIND® community shows the impact of Pure Salidroside in many applications.

LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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I started trying this about a month ago. I had never heard of salidroside before, but was looking for something to help with fatigue, and this really does the trick. I recently traveled and forgot to bring it with me, and I could tell a huge difference. Hard to describe other than I just feel more awake when I take it. Not that it is forcing me to be awake, but that I have real energy to get things done.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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Seriously doubted the effectiveness at first, but I tried the trial, and HOLY COW [Pure Salidroside] seriously made my thinking clearer. I didn't have to depend on coffee and felt more "on it" while I was working. Definitely would recommend.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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This has quickly become a staple product in my daily life now. With two autoimmune diseases it can be hard to find a product that actually helps improve my energy levels, since taking this I feel more energy waking in the morning and less of that awful afternoon brain fog. As an environmentalist, I love what Landkind stands for and I believe everyone should support companies who are this transparent and doing their bit for our collective environmental health.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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You can feel just how much more alert and awake you are because of it, something that I have struggled with. For athletes, this would definitely be an amazing product.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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Wholeheartedly life-changing. I have Hashimoto's and have been working diligently for years to combat the symptoms associated with it that traditional medicine does not address. I also believe to have ADHD. My most difficult symptoms are fatigue and brain fog. Within the first hour of taking LandKind I felt a meaningful shift in my energy and focus. I've tried so many supplements and quite honestly this was the first time I actually felt an impact from a supplement. My doctor (DO) was amazed at my thyroid labs and I believe that Landkind played a huge part in that. My doctor also ordered some for himself immediately. Beyond grateful.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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Love the focus and clarity this gives me when I'm working, working out or just in general. Highly recommend.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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I felt a huge difference in my energy levels throughout the day.
Stephanie M.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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I LOVE how it makes me feel. Way less brain fog and the perfect energy boost.
Billy M.
LANDKIND Pure Salidroside User
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As a professional fighter my long term cognitive health is a concern of mine and something I focus on improving anyway possible . Since taking landkind I’ve noticed improvement in my focus going into hard training days where I need to be at my best and I’ve noticed improvements in my memory day to day. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a supplement!

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