Our Products

We believe in science through the responsible and sustainable processes of fermentation and biocatalysis to provide products and solutions made from the highest quality sources provided by nature. 

We use biochemical processes that occur in nature and our bodies combined with state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing facilities to guarantee the highest quality of our products thanks to our controlled, reliable, and replicable processes at a large scale.  

Furthermore, our innovative products are designed through extensive research and clinical studies demonstrating their efficacy and beneficial effects on human health.

Ingredients & Solutions for Human Health

Under our microscope, life is rich with opportunities. 
We believe in a vast universe of potential waiting to be explored.

Thanks to the biotransformation-derived origins of our products,
they are safe and sustainable.

Our brands

We believe in building strong brands that allow brand owners, contract manufacturers, and distributors to offer the highest quality solutions to the market.


Active ingredients

From supporting liver health to promoting mobility and far beyond, the active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are what empower products to deliver on the promises they make to their customers.


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We relentlessly explore the infitite potential of microorganisms—an untapped, transformative resource—to develop natural, sustainable, and efficacious solutions for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical brands looking to develop game-changing products for consumers.