Emothion® is a crystalline form of S-Acetyl Glutathione (GSH), a powerful antioxidant agent that can help promote immunity, brain and liver health through the natural replenishment of glutathione.

Traditional GSH supplementation has been plagued with poor absorption and hydrolytic degradation in the body.

Emothion® has a quicker dissolution rate and more efficient absorption making it more efficacious and efficient for oral absorption. 

GSH is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidant agents, but chronic oxidative stress, pathogens, and the aging process can reduce GSH levels. Restoring GSH levels is a good tool to deal with the above states, and no tool restores GSH better than Emothion®. 

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Emothion®: a powerful antioxidant for a better life

Emothion® raises glutathione levels 69% better than commercial GSH reference after one oral administration.

It generates a higher GSH rate and enhanced antioxidant defenses in multiple organs and cells.

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Highest bioavailability

Emothion® raises glutathione levels better than the commercial GSH reference, thus promoting enhanced bioavailability and antioxidant defenses during particular stressful conditions.

Beauty inside and out

By raising GSH levels, Emothion® may improve the skin’s quality, health, and appearance. When topically or orally applied, Emothion® may minimize age spots and wrinkles of exposed skin.

Anti-aging benefits

S-Acetyl Glutathione has anti-aging benefits. Emothion® raises the level of GSH that naturally decreases with age, improving cellular health and function, and helping to repair the damage caused by free radicals and their accumulation in the body’s cells.

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