Lynside® Forte Se+

Lynside® Forte Se+ is an organically bound nutritional yeast that is fortified with selenium, a nutrient used for immunity and antioxidant properties.

During the fermentation process of Lynside® Forte Se, selenium is fully integrated by the yeast, becoming selenomethionine – the most bioavailable source of selenium.

In addition to selenium, this fortified yeast also provides vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibers, and more nutrients that contribute to overall wellness.

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  • Nutritional yeasts
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    • Reproduction & Women’s
    • Wellness & Immune
  • Health benefits
    • Beauty
    • Fertility
    • General-Wellbeing iconGeneral Wellbeing
    • Immunity
    • Menopause iconMenopause
  • Allergens and
  • Gluten-free
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Lactose-free
  • Non GMO

Lynside® Forte Se+: the benefits of organically bound yeast

Lynside® Forte Se+ is an organically bound yeast, which increases the availability and effectiveness of certain minerals. 

During Gnosis by Lesaffre’s development process, selenium is added earlier in the process, allowing the yeast to metabolize and organically bind into its cell structure.

A qualitative yeast enrichment

Lynside® Forte Se+, an organically bound yeast, is your perfect ally for immunity thanks to its selenium content. Indeed, during fermentation, selenium is integrated by the yeast and linked to an amino acid to become organic selenium. Selenomethionine is the most prevalent form of organic selenium and the highest bioavailable source of selenium.

A bioavailability of more than 90%

The effect of organically bound Selenium (Se) yeast and selenite on blood concentration. A bioavailability of more than 90% in humans, two times higher than the inorganic form.

Lynside® Forte Se+, an essential ingredient

Lynside® Forte Se+ has multiple health benefits due to its selenium content, such as immune health, antioxidant, beauty and reproduction. All these benefits make the Lynside® Forte Se+ indispensable.

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