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Thanks to their good nutritional profiles on proteins, fibers, B vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium, the Lynside® range of nutritional yeasts can be used in various applications such as dietary supplements, seasonings, and functional foods.

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For a well-balanced nutritional profile

Many consider Lynside® nutritional yeasts the Swiss Army knives of nutrition, with a profile consisting of proteins, fibers, vitamins, and several key minerals.

A yeast designed for food

Lynside® Nutritional Yeast in flakes are the perfect form to be sprinkled directly on food to improve the nutrition. They provide many key nutrients. In addition, they provide a good yeasty taste in the meals.

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A healthy yeast

Thanks to the nutrients present in our yeasts such as proteins, fibers, b-complex vitamins, and minerals. Lynside® Nutritional Yeast allow to fill some gap in diets. They are the perfect flakes to support a healthy balanced diet to stay healthy.

One of the most sustainable ingredient

Our Lynside® Nutritional Yeasts are produced using molasse, a by-product of the sugar industry. During production process, yeast cream is cleaned to remove remaining substrate. This substrate is widespread in the fields used to produce beets at the origin of the molasse. All the elements involved in the yeast production are valorized to limit our environmental impact.


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