MenaQ7® Brochure: Pure, Natural & European Vitamin K2

MenaQ7® is the optimal bioavailable 99.8% all-trans vitamin K2 as MK-7.
It is produced in the only European plant manufacturing K2 by natural fermentation under the highest quality standards and sustainability measures.
With 22+ clinical studies, MenaQ7® guarantees innovative products deliver the benefits promised.

Download the new brochure, and get ready to launch your future Vitamin K2 product.

MenaQ7® Metabolic, a global cardiometabolic health approach

Discover on this brochure how the most clinically validated vitamin K2 and an innovative red yeast rice extract can support cardiometabolic health. MenaQ7® and Ankascin® 568-R together are the perfect combination to support both cardiovascular and metabolic health. Discover all the benefits in this brochure presenting a ready-to-launch solution.

Get Your K2 Science From the Source

At the heart of MenaQ7®’s unmatched efficacy is an extensive body of research. With numerous published human clinical trials, MenaQ7® has solidified its position as a frontrunner in Vitamin K2 supplements. These studies not only validate its potency but also provide valuable insights into the potential health benefits of this essential nutrient.

MenaQ7® – Add Value to your Protein Powders

Preliminary data from recent research on MenaQ7® demonstrates its ability to counteract oxidative stress in smooth muscle cells and increase ATP production, revealing its potential for additional benefits.

Vitamin K2: natural origin or synthetic?


There are two ways to obtain vitamin K2 in the MK-7 form: from a natural fermentation-based process and from synthesis. This position paper describes the differences between both pathways and highlights the specificities of vitamin K2 obtained through natural fermentation-based process from Gnosis by Lesaffre.

MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 & Omega-3: a Dynamic Duo

This duo has a compelling set of combined health claims with complementary, scientifically validated mechanisms of action for heart and bone, as well as activities to control inflammation.

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