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Date of last update: May 7th, 2024



Gnosis by Lesaffre, legal form, registered under N° LESAFFRE ET COMPAGNIE (LESAFFRE & CIE): RCS Paris B 316 055 672 with the capital of EUR [734,500.00] Trade and Companies Register, with its registered office at 41 Rue Etienne Marcel – 75001 PARIS. “Lesaffre 

Administrative headquarters
137, Rue Gabriel Péri
F-59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul
Telephone: 00 33 +(0)3 20 81 61 00

Automattic Inc, 
60 29th Street #343, San Francisco, CA 94110
(877) 273-3049

Cherry Pulp SPRL
112 Chaussée de Charleroi
1060 Bruxelles, Belgique


Lesaffre, publishes the website accessible at the URL address (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) in order to provide general information on the activities of  Gnosis by Lesaffre.

Within the meaning of these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “GCU”), the Lesaffre Group (hereinafter referred to as the “Lesaffre Group”) refers to the group made up of the company Lesaffre et Compagnie, a public limited company with a Board of Directors, registered under the SIRET number 31605567200018 in the Paris Trade and Companies Register, whose registered office is located at 41 rue Etienne Marcel, 75001 PARIS, as well as its subsidiaries, regardless of where they are established. In terms of shareholdings, control of companies and dominant influence, all companies meeting the criteria set out in Articles L233-1 to L233-3 and L233-16 of the French Commercial Code are defined under the terms of this article.

The purpose hereof is to define the terms and conditions under which any person, regardless of the access device (computer, tablet, etc.), the type of connection (private connection, public Wifi, etc.) and the place of connection, may access and use the Site (hereinafter referred to as the “Users” or individually as the “User”).


1.1 The website provides information on  Gnosis by Lesaffre, its activities, its mission and its business, as well as news.

1.2 The Site allows the User to:
Access the websites of the Lesaffre Group’s other subsidiaries and operational units dedicated to the business unit Gnosis by Lesaffre;

  • Contact Lesaffre using the contact forms
  • Subscribe to email newsletter administrated by Gnosis by Lesaffre
  • Accept or decline cookie usage for various operational and marketing activities 
  • Download research and materials created by Gnosis by Lesaffre

1.3 Lesaffre may develop the functionalities of the site, without this giving rise to any right to compensation whatsoever for the benefit of the user. Users are therefore expressly informed that the availability of all or part of the functionalities is at the discretion of Lesaffre International.


2.1 The Site is compatible with standard browsers on the market. It is the User’s responsibility to check that they are using a browser version that is up to date at the time of consulting the Site. Failure to do so may result in difficulties accessing or using the Site.

2.2 Any hardware and/or software required to access and/or use the Site is the sole responsibility of the User, who is solely liable for the proper functioning of his/her equipment and Internet access. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has an Internet connection enabling him/her to use the Site. It is also the User’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect his/her own data, computer systems and/or software from contamination by any viruses.

2.3 The User undertakes to check that the configuration of his/her browser and operating system allows him/her to access and consult the Site. The User is responsible for resolving any bugs affecting his/her browser and/or operating system. The same applies to the detection and management of any virus likely to affect their terminal.

2.4 The Site is accessible unless interrupted for maintenance and/or in the event of force majeure and/or in the event of the occurrence of an event beyond the control of Lesaffre International. Lesaffre may not be held liable in the absence of fault, in the event of the unavailability of the site, for whatever reason, and will do its utmost to re-establish the service.


3.1 Access to and use of the Site are subject to compliance with these GCU. Therefore, before consulting the Site, all Users must read the GCU, which are accessible from the Site’s home page and from each of its pages.

3.2 The GCU may be modified by Lesaffre in order to take into account, in particular, changes to the functionalities of the Site, as well as applicable regulations. Any new version of the GCU will be made available to Users on the Site. Users should therefore consult the GCUs on a regular basis.


4.1 The User undertakes to use the Site in accordance with these GCU. By accessing and using the Site, the User undertakes in particular not to:

  • any use of the Site that contravenes applicable laws and regulations or violates the rights of third parties;
  • any action which may cause prejudice to Lesaffre, to one or more entities of the Lesaffre Group or to another User;
  • harm, hinder or distort the proper functioning of the Site;
  • to probe, scan, scrape or technically analyze the Site;
  • to test the vulnerability, performance or functionality of the Site for any reason other than those necessary for its use;
  • circumvent the measures implemented by Lesaffre to guarantee the security of the site.

4.2 The user expressly acknowledges that if he/she does not respect these General Conditions of Use, Lesaffre or any of the subsidiaries of the Lesaffre Group may not be held liable. On the contrary, the user may be required to compensate Lesaffre and/or one or more of the subsidiaries of the Lesaffre Group for any costs, disbursements or prejudice in the event of all or part of them being called into question by another user and/or by a third party for an act attributable to the user.

4.3 The site is provided “as is”. Given this state of affairs, which is recognized and accepted by the user, Lesaffre International cannot be held responsible for the temporary or definitive impossibility of the user accessing the site or all or part of the site’s functionalities. Lesaffre International’s obligation to supply is limited to an obligation of means. Lesaffre International does not guarantee the durability or performance of the functionalities accessible on the website.

4.4 Neither Lesaffre nor the user may be held liable in the event of force majeure as defined by the laws of the country where is located Lesaffre’s headquarter and the corresponding jurisprudence.

4.5 Lesaffre cannot be held responsible for the consequences:

the fault or negligence of the User;

use of the Site by the User that does not comply with these GCU and/or applicable regulations;

fraudulent use of the site by third parties, in violation of the security measures implemented by Lesaffre.

4.6 Lesaffre declines all responsibility for indirect damage which, consequently, does not give rise to any right to compensation.


5.1 The Site and each of its components, including but not limited to texts, images, illustrations, photographs, databases, media, software, graphics, logos, icons, sounds, company names, trademarks, product models, drawings, animated sequences with or without sound, and other documentation, and more generally, all visual or sound elements (hereinafter the “Intellectual Property Elements”) are protected by intellectual property rights.

5.2 Lesaffre holds the intellectual property rights to the intellectual property elements. Some of the intellectual property elements may also be the property of third parties or other subsidiaries of the Lesaffre Group who have granted a license to Lesaffre in order to incorporate them directly or indirectly into the Site.

5.3 As a result, the user is forbidden to reproduce or represent elements of intellectual property without the authorization of Lesaffre International, as such reproduction and/or representation may constitute an act of counterfeiting.

5.4 Any authorization for the reproduction and representation of intellectual property elements must be requested by post from the following address: Lesaffre – Service Communication – 101 rue de Menin 59700 Marcq-en Baroeul, France.


6.1 The Site may contain hypertext links referring the User to websites published by other subsidiaries of the Lesaffre Group. Lesaffre International declines all responsibility for access to, use of and content on these websites.

6.2 To find out about the conditions of use of websites published by other subsidiaries of the Lesaffre Group or by sites published by third parties to the Lesaffre Group to which the Site may refer, the User is invited to consult the websites concerned, as well as the general conditions of use of said sites.


For any questions or complaints relating to the site and/or the application of these GCU, users may contact Lesaffre – Service Communication – 101 rue de Menin 59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul, France.


8.1 In the event that one of the clauses of these GCU is declared null and void or inapplicable by the effect of a law, regulation or court decision rendered by a competent court having the force of res judicata, the other clauses will retain their validity and force.

8.2 The fact that Lesaffre does not take advantage of a breach by one (or more) user(s) of any of the stipulations of these General Conditions of Use may not be interpreted as a tolerance or waiver on its part to take advantage of such a breach in the future.


9.1 These GCU are governed by the laws of the country where is located Lesaffre’s headquarter.

9.2 In the event of a dispute, the Parties will use their best endeavours to reach an amicable solution before referring the matter to the Courts. However, if the amicable stage fails, the most diligent party will refer the matter to the competent court in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.