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Join us at Supplyside West 2023


October 25-27, 2023
In-person & Online


Mandalay Bay Convention Center,
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Booth #4555

Join us at SupplySide® WEST, the WEST Coast’s leading ingredients and solutions tradeshows.

Gnosis by Lesaffre will be at SupplySide® West in Las Vegas, NV on October 25-26. We are happy to be participating and are excited to meet you in person at our booth #4555. Visit us to learn more about our range of most innovative and effective health solutions with segment-focused approach.

The great event is the premier gathering of health & nutrition professionals bringing together buyers and suppliers from throughout the industry.

Here people talk about market trends, new opportunities science and strategy around the development of finished products driving global business economy.  

What to expect to our booth

Consumers are even more looking for alternatives or additional solutions to maintain and improve their health, through healthy food choices as well as increasing demand for safe and qualified nutraceuticals

At our booth our Sales and Marketing team will welcome you to talk about Gnosis by Lesaffre’s expanding capabilities, and the strengthening of our presence in the global human nutrition and health market.

Discover our market leadership human health

We have been building our expertise and market leadership in five key market segments, offering a portfolio of solutions that improve health and wellbeing throughout the entire body.

  • Wellness & Immune Health: Immunity, Daily Nutrition, Cardiovascular Health, Beauty, and General Wellbeing
  • Digestion & Gut Health: Microbiome Balance, Digestive Comfort, Liver Health Support
  • Mobility & Joint Health: Bone Health, Joint Health, Muscle Health, and Sports Nutrition
  • Reproduction & Women’s Health: Vaginal Care, Urinary Health, Fertility, Pregnancy, and Menopause
  • Mood & Cognitive Health: Mood Health, Cognition, and Stress & Anxiety
Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic and Quatrefolic fine powder are our latest innovations to support you.

Quatrefolic® The 4th Generation of Folate

An innovActive metabolic form that is avalaible and biological active form of foate. Quaterfolic® supports numerous health benefits, especially before conception adn during pregnancy.

Quatrefolic® Fine Powder


The new versatile and stable form of folate with a finer particle size for unique dispersion and/or emulsion into diverse delivery formulations without the risk of sedimentation (ie, liquid, sprays, softgels, gummies, etc)

Nutritional Yeast Range

Thanks to their good nutritional profile on proteins, fibers, vitamins, and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium, the Lynside® range of nutritional yeasts can be used in various applications such as dietary supplements, seasonings, and functional foods.

LifeinU™ BSCU1


Stable probiotic that supports Immune Health

Red Star® Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast fortified with B-complex vitamins for food.

Noochy Crisp™


The first crispy nutritional yeast! Add some crunch to your life with Noochy Crisp™ and its excellent nutritional profile.


Unique S. boulardii, the probiotic yeast to restore gut microbiota balance and support healthy immune system.

MenaQ7® Natural Vitamin K2 as MK-7


Globally renowned for being the vitamin K2 market standard for clinical validation. MenaQ7® is patent protected for several health benefits, from bone to cardiovasculat health and beyond.

vitaMK7® Vitamin K2

Purity and clean processing are paramount when it comes to vitamin K2, and that’s why contract manufacturers and brands have a trusted, formulation friendly, and consistent option in all natural vitaMK7®.


Adonat® Premium SAMe


Adonat® is the leading brand of S-Adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe), a compound produced naturally by the body that is required for proper brain functioning. 

SAMe is involved in more than one hundred biochemical pathways and it has been shown to have benefits for the mood, liver, joints, and more.

Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic

The first patented yeast-based prebiotic offering untapped opportunities for personalized and adapted micronutrition to design new products dedicated to immune health.


101 rue de Menin
59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul

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The information provided here is, to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate. However, our products must only be used in compliance with local laws and regulations. We cannot guarantee the freedom of use for every intended application or country. These statements may not have been evaluated by your local Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. A healthy, balanced and diversified diet should fulfill all nutritional needs.