Highlights from Supply Side West 2023: Unveiling MenaQ7® Protect

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Highlights from Supply Side West 2023 Unveiling MenaQ7® Protect
This year’s SupplySide West set the stage for our first-of-its-kind, ready-to-market K2 finished product: MenaQ7® Protect, on-the-go immune support for the active lifestyler. 

A Step Change in the MenaQ7® Portfolio

Amidst the hustle and bustle of SupplySide West, the Gnosis team was excited to unveil our latest portfolio development – a turnkey immune product designed to bolster one’s foundational health, in a dose form that is meant to seamlessly support the fast-moving, quality-driven consumer. The product is a result of the successful partnership between Gnosis and Probiotcal. 

This launch marks a significant milestone in the MenaQ7® journey: introducing a ready-to-market private label finished product. This step change presents brand owners with clear advantages, enabling them to bypass the often-time-consuming development phase and proceed directly to product launch. They can do so with the assurance that they are offering a science backed, branded ingredient in a well-formulated supplement, perfectly positioned for a targeted audience. The launch is a true testament to one of our guiding pillars: Come for K2 Science, Stay for the Partnership. 

Gnosis Cocktail Party: A Chance to Re-Connect and Re-Explore

An event like SupplySide West is a whirlwind of meetings, impressions, and long hours walking the show floor. That is why gathering with industry friends at the Gnosis Cocktail party was a welcomed treat to connect over refreshments before kicking off the big show. The event set a nice frame for the introduction of MenaQ7® Protect and allowed for brands to have more informal discussions with members from both the Gnosis and Probiotcal teams on how individual brands can leverage this new offering with their consumer base, who like our industry, are constantly exploring how best to support their overall health and wellbeing.  A key K2 takeaway from the show is the high-level engagement from the audience and the keen interest that comes with the ever-evolving MenaQ7® Portfolio, now uniting the clinically proven MenaQ7® K2 with vitamin C and three unique probiotic strains for an innovative foundational and immunesupporting supplement. 

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