Find out how female fertility can be enhanced

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Find out how female fertility can be enhanced

Infertility can be an important concern for couples. In the world, around one in six is concerned by infertility issues. Female infertility alone represents 35% of all infertility cases.

A range of abnormalities may cause female infertility. It can be due to several causes affecting: 

  • Ovarian development 
  • Maturation of oocytes 
  • Fertilization competence 
  • Preimplantation development 
  • Implantation 
  • Fetal growth 

Lynside® Forte Se+ as the solution for female fertility

In female reproductive health, producing a healthy oocyte involves several sequential steps. The growth of granulosa cells is considered an important feature during folliculogenesis. It has been demonstrated that Se might regulate the growth of granulosa cells and the biosynthesis of one of the major female sex hormones: Estradiol. Some research highlighted the selenium levels, especially GPX1: glutathione peroxidase-1 which is a selenoprotein, are higher in large healthy follicles. It suggests that selenium plays an important antioxidant role during follicular growth and proliferation. Oxidative damage has been implicated as a causal factor in the oocyte quality. Selenium supplementation is a solution to develop healthy follicles.  

In addition, low selenium concentrations in the follicular fluid are associated with female infertility. On the contrary, the addition of selenium resulted in positive impacts on embryo development and survival and reduced DNA damage. 

Lynside® Forte Se+, a selenium-enriched yeast, is full of selenomethionine, the organic form of selenium. Indeed, selenium is incorporated into yeast during yeast fermentation. This process links selenium, an amino acid, methionine, to become selenomethionine, making it more bioavailable. This is the highest source of bioavailable selenium in the market. Two times higher than inorganic selenium, such as selenium salt. Selenium offers a bioavailability of more than 90% in humans. 

A powerful combination with Quatrefolic®

Lynside® Forte Se+ is the perfect ingredient to be combined with Quatrefolic® to support female fertility. Quatrefolic® is the active form of folate. It is associated with an increased chance of successful pregnancies. This is linked to the capacity of Quatrefolic® to lower homocysteine levels. High homocysteine levels are associated with the risk of miscarriage. 

A combination of Lynside® Forte Se+ and Quatrefolic® supports female infertility. These two ingredients offer different actions on female fertility mechanisms making them complementary. 

Both also present benefits on male fertility. So these ingredients are perfect solutions to support both male and female fertility. 

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