How to increase male fertility?

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How to increase male fertility

Infertility is a key topic for many people. Male infertility contributes to 20 to 50% of infertility cases. Selenium is a viable option to offset this situation.  

Selenium is a trace element involved in several human mechanisms included fertility. It must come from diet as it is not synthetized by human body. Main sources of selenium are Brazil nuts, organ meat & liver, meat, egg yolk and mushroom. 

A Key Nutrient for Male Fertility

Selenium is essential for normal spermatogenesis of mammals. Its critical role is mainly mediated by two selenoproteins:

  • Glutathione Peroxidase 4 (also called GPx4)
  • Selenoprotein P

GPx4 is involved in the stabilization of condensed chromatin during sperm maturation. In addition, GPx4 protect sperm from oxidative stress during initial phases of spermatogenesis. In the later stages of spermatogenesis GPx4 is involve in the flagellum structure. This flagellum ensures the integrity and motility to sperm.

Selenoprotein P actives an important receptor in the selenium delivery pathway to spermatogenic cells. In addition, selenoprotein P is essential for selenium homeostasis and for functional development of spermatozoa. Last action of selenoprotein P is an oxidant defense agent.

Thus, supporting spermatogenesis, selenium also influences biosynthesis and secretion of testosterone. Selenium is also needed to maintain testicular morphology.

Selenium is excellent when combined with Quatrefolic® to support men fertility.

Folate is essential in spermatogenesis. Indeed, low folate level in semen is associate to:

  • Poor sperm DNA stability and damage
  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm motility and morphology

All these features make selenium and folate excellent to support male fertility and especially spermatogenesis.

The Highest Bioavailable Source of Selenium

Lynside® Forte Se+ is a selenium enriched yeast. Selenium in this yeast is under selenomethionine, the organic form of selenium. During fermentation selenium is incorporated by the yeast and associated to an amino acid, the methionine, making it more bioavailable. Indeed, selenomethionine is the highest bioavailable form of selenium. Bioavailability of the organic form is two times higher than inorganic selenium. Its bioavailability in humans is over 90%. 

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