Discover how to add some crunch in your life with Noochy Crisp

Noochy Crisp™ is the first extruded nutritional yeast that offers a new dimension to the yeast. With Noochy Crisp™ it is easy to add some crunch in your life.

As nutritional yeast, Noochy Crisp™ offers all the key nutrients find in the yeast. Indeed, the nutritional profile of this crispy innovation is full of non-animal proteins, fibers including yeast β-glucans and minerals. Indeed, Noochy Crisp™ is source of zinc.

A bunch of application for Noochy Crisp™

As a healthy crispy food, Noochy Crisp™ can be used as a healthy crouton, that are most of the time deep fried in oil. Noochy Crisp™ can be sprinkled on soups, salads but also on savory applications such as muesli or granola.


Noochy Crisp™ can also be used as an ingredient for health bar to offer all the nutrients contained in the nutritional yeast.