Bring some crunch to your life with Noochy Crisp™!


If taste is king, so texture is queen. Even if taste is still important for consumers, they are looking for new textures for food. Texture is now a purchasing lever for consumers.

Different textures exist in the food market. The five most common ones are:


  • Watery such as soup
  • Firm such as vegetable
  • Crunchy such as crackers, chips and most roasted foods
  • Creamy such as purees or pudding
  • Chewy such as bread or grains


The texture market is growing with a CAGR 7.9%1 between 2021 and 2026. The global value of this market is expected to reach 18.6 billion USD in 20261.


In this market, a texture is well appreciated by consumer: Crunchiness. Crunchiness brings some fun to the food thanks to the texture aspect but also through the sound made when the food is eaten.

The first crispy nutritional yeast: Noochy Crisp™

Gnosis by Lesaffre innovates providing the first crispy nutritional yeast in the market. Noochy Crisp™ as a nutritional yeast is a complete ingredient. Indeed, this crispy yeast offers an excellent nutritional profile full of nutrients. Indeed, Noochy Crisp™ contains mineral such as zinc, well-known for their immune benefits, some fibers including yeast ß-glucans. Some proteins are present, they are important for the development and the maintenance of muscle mass. In addition to the presence of all these nutrients, Noochy Crisp™ is low in salt and saturated fat making it a super healthy ingredient.

Thanks to its crunchy texture, Noochy Crisp™ can be used as an ingredient for health bars.

Noochy Crisp™ can also be used as a healthy crouton to replace conventional ones typically deep fried in oil. Noochy Crisp™ can be spread directly on soup, salads to improve the nutritional profile of the recipe. During a healthy aperitive, Noochy Crisp™ is the healthy alternative to biscuits.

Noochy Crisp™ is also suitable for savory applications, it can be mixed intro muesli or granola with dark chocolate.

Thanks to all these benefits, Noochy Crisp™ is the healthy solution to bring some crunch to your life!


1. Market Data Forecast


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