Adonat® Premium SAMe, the Premium Ally for Joint Health

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Adonat® Premium SAMe, the Premium Ally for Joint Health

SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine), most widely recognized for its role as the cellular methylator agent, is a crucial factor in promoting human health, including joints.

Today, maintaining healthy joints and mobility throughout life is perceived as one of the top priorities, with the aging demographic no longer the only consumer group that shows a growing interest in bone and joint supplements. The athlete and fitness groups demonstrate a surging demand for joint supplements for various purposes: improving performance, relieving pain and inflammation, and enhancing tissue repair and recovery time.

Adonat® Premium SAMe supplementation presents a great option for protecting joint health throughout life, allowing users to keep moving and remain active.
Adonat® is the only recognized branded SAMe ingredient available worldwide. Its origin in the EU guarantees the quality and effectiveness of the ingredient, obtained through a fermentation process with a proprietary strain, in a GMP manufacturing plant. 

What do we know about SAMe 

The nutritional use of SAMe for mood control, brain health, and the protection of cognitive function is widely known by consumers, helped by the increased perception of the importance of mental health after the pandemic and the decrease in the social stigma.  

SAMe is also well known as a hepatoprotective agent, involved in a wide range of hepatic functions, and in the response to liver injury as well. 

But what do we know about SAMe in the joints? At what level does this endogenous constituent contribute to joint health?

Why does SAMe supplementation work in joint support?

At all ages, sports and physical exercise are proven to improve general health and may increase longevity. However, people may need to relieve pain and minor injuries, decrease inflammation, and help avoid future injury. Moreover, in specific age groups such as the elderly, joint support can be a primary concern, especially when they suffer from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis (OA). 

Evidence suggests that SAMe may play a role in reducing inflammation, increasing proteoglycan synthesis, and reducing joint pain, even if the mechanism of action in reducing pain is not clear. SAMe supplementation can be effective in improving joint function and cartilage repair.

How does Adonat® solve the inactivity trap?

A bidirectional relationship between mood and physical activity exists, which means that a person’s physical health can influence their mental health, and vice versa. The mood-enhancing action of Adonat® opens to greater physical activity that can reinforce mood balancing, representing a broader approach to joint health.

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