What consumers are looking for
in beauty supplements?

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What consumers are looking for in beauty supplements?

The beauty supplement market is essential for consumers seeking solutions to replace conventional cosmetic products. Several factors explain consumers’ strong interest in beauty supplements. 

Personal appearance has always been an essential concern for everyone. Consumers seek solutions promoting hair health, skin radiance, nail growth, and overall aesthetic enhancement. They know the connection between nutrition and beauty benefits, including the gut-skin axis. So, they are looking for solutions that show the inner benefits from the outside.  

This interest is accentuated by the integration of the wellness trend. Consumers consider beauty as a specific part of well-being. Indeed, they believe beauty is a holistic aspect that contributes to global health and vitality.

In parallel, consumers are looking for innovative solutions to support beauty. One of consumers’ top priorities is natural solutions to contrast with the cosmetic market that previously offered synthetic solutions. They want unique ingredients with proven skin, hair, and nail benefits.  

In addition to innovative products and solutions, consumers are interested in personalization and customization. They are looking for tailor-made products to support individual needs. Consumers seek personalized beauty solutions because age, skin type, and lifestyle factors are unique. 

Lynside® Nutritional Yeasts to meet consumer's needs

Lynside® Nutritional Yeasts are excellent solutions for the beauty supplements market. Indeed, nutritional yeasts meet customer requirements in this market. Thanks to an excellent nutritional profile, Lynside® nutritional yeasts offer many key nutrients. All these nutrients are important for supporting healthy hair, nails, and skin.  

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