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Emothion® Tour collection: Glutathione and Skin

How may glutathione support skin against photoaging? Why do so many consumers use it for brighter skin? Let’s start the Emothion® Tour collection with this first topic dedicated to the link between glutathione and skin health and appearance.


Kidney Health & Vitamin K2

Studies have shown that Vitamin K deficiency is common among kidney patients, including a newly published trial, and this deficiency likely contributes to progressive vascular calcification and stiffness. Can Vitamin K2 be an answer ?


Vitamin K2 unlocking the potential for women’s optimal health

According to the World Health Organization, maintaining the best possible bone and cardiovascular health are two of the most critical areas allowing women to age in a healthy way, supporting their vitality. A bourgeoning number of clinical research highlights one key nutrient that is essential in supporting both systems: Vitamin K2 as MK-7.

Science and Technology

Probiotic and sustainable substantiation

Probiotic and sustainable substantiation

More and more customers and consumers are aware about the scientific background on probiotics. They are looking for more and more robust scientific evidence.

What the Science Shows : New Vitamin K2 eBook

Decades of research confirm that Vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient for supporting bone and cardiovascular health, and yet, global bone and cardiovascular health has reached an all-time low !

famille selenium 1

Lynside® Forte Se+ 2000, from Yeast to Human Body

Lynside® Forte Se+ 2000 is obtained through a unique fermentation process of Lesaffre Group, the expert in yeast for over a century. It provides Selenomethionine, the bioavailable & ready to use form of selenium for the human body.

prebiotic yeast cell wall

Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic video

A dynamic in-vitro gut model study shows a long-lasting fermentation of Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic in proximal and distal colons. This scenario challenges the current prebiotic side effects, as it requires a very low daily dosage and promotes a continuing prebiotic response with low gas production

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