Video: Add some crunch to your life with Noochy Crisp™

Gnosis by Lesaffre offers Noochy Crisp™ the first extruded nutritional yeast. Noochy Crisp™ is the ally of the daily life thanks to its excellent nutritional profile full of nutrients.

Noochy Crisp™ is the newborn of the nutritional yeast family. This innovation completes the existing forms such as powder, flakes, and tablets. Nutritional yeast is well-known for its nutritional properties and the yeasty taste. With Noochy Crisp™, nutritional yeast is now recognized as a new sensory experience thanks to the crunchy texture.

For consumers, taste is king, texture is queen. Noochy Crisp™ can be considered the prince thanks to its crunchy texture and the fact it was awarded Best tasting Functional Food during Vitafoods 2021.

Noochy Crisp™ is full of benefits

Noochy Crisp™ has an excellent nutritional profile full of nutrients with minerals as zinc, fibers including ß-glucans and proteins. These nutrients are essential for the human body. Zinc is one of the top 5 ingredient for immunity. With a daily dose of 30g, Noochy Crisp™ is eligible to a European claim on immunity thanks to its zinc content. ß-glucans are also known for their immune benefits. Proteins are important for the development of the muscle mass. Noochy Crisp™ is the perfect solution for vegetarians and vegans who need a supplementation in proteins.

A plethora of applications for Noochy Crisp™

As the ally of the daily life, Noochy Crisp™ could be used in several applications. This innovation can be spread on top of a salad or a soup as a healthy crouton. For those who prefer sweet applications, Noochy Crisp™ can be mixed with a muesli or a granola. Noochy Crisp™ is also suitable for use in health bars as ingredient.

Discover all the benefits of Noochy Crisp™ and possible applications in the video.