Noochy Crisp™, the crunchy ally of nutrition

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Nutritional yeast is a complete food used for centuries for his multiple benefits. Now, thanks to Gnosis by Lesaffre, nutritional yeast brings some crunch with Noochy Crisp™.

For more than 50 years, humans have sprinkled nutritional yeasts on soups, salads, and meals.

Nutritional yeasts are consumed for their excellent nutritional profile: as a whole ingredient, nutritional yeasts provide a full set of nutrients, highlighting why nutritional yeasts are so popular with consumers.

Indeed, nutritional yeast provides large variety of nutrients such as proteins, B vitamins, fibers minerals. Moreover, offering many nutrients, nutritional yeast is low in saturated fat and salt.

Therefore, the composition of nutritional yeast is very interesting and appealing for vegetarians and flexitarians.

Noochy Crisp™ to add some crunch to your life!

Noochy Crisp™ is the first crispy yeast in the market. Thanks to its enjoyable texture, Noochy Crisp™ brings a new dimension to nutritional yeast. 


Consuming Noochy Crisp™ can be consider as a unique sensory experience bringing a new dimension to nutritional yeast. Thanks to its enjoyable texture, Noochy Crisp™ can be consider as a healthy crouton to replace conventional ones that are deep-fried in oil.


This innovation is the solution for healthier meals and snacks. Noochy Crisp™ can be sprinkled on different dishes as soups or salads to enhance the nutritional profile of the meal.


Noochy Crisp™ may also be dedicated to sweet goods and snacks, such as muesli, granola, or extruded snacks. 


This crispy nutritional yeast can also be considered as an ingredient for health bars. Noochy Crisp™ can replace other crisps such as rice or soy to add crunch and nutrition to the bars. Noochy Crisp™ can complete a bar’s nutritional profile thanks to its nutritional profile full of nutrients.

A nutrition champion

As nutritional yeast, the nutritional profile of Noochy Crisp™ is complete. Noochy Crisp™ provides some non-animal proteins important for the development of the muscle mass. Moreover, consuming Noochy Crisp™ provides you some minerals such as zinc and fibers including ß-glucans. These two nutrients are well-known for their benefits on immunity.


Thanks to all these nutrients, Noochy Crisp™ is eligible to the A Nutri-Score, the best possible score.


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