Improve vaginal health with Quatreflora the innovative probiotic

Vaginal infections affect 70% of women during their lifetime and account for millions of annual doctors’ visits.

The mainstay of conventional vaginitis treatment is pharmacological, but often this treatment isn’t the complete solution – there’s a high recurrence rate. A probiotic treatment is important to avoid the disruption in the vaginal microbiome, otherwise known as vaginal dysbiosis.
Discover the new approach of QuatrefloraTM a patented and proprietary strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3856 for vaginal infections caused by fungi and bacteria and its high-quality science background.
The new scientific publication explains why, over the last few years, interest around the use of yeast-based probiotics is increased, because not only they are naturally resistant to antibiotics, and, so, it’s not necessary to evaluate their antibiotic resistance profile, but, also, because they can be used in patients undergoing antibiotic therapy. Due to these characteristics they provide a considerable advantage over bacterial-origin probiotics.
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IMPROVE VAGINAL HEALTH with QUATREFLORA the innovative probiotic