Healthy Liver Function and Detox Support with Adonat® Premium SAMe

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Healthy Liver Function and Detox Support with Adonat® Premium SAMe

Download the new dedicated brochure of Adonat® Premium SAMe in liver health, protection, and detoxification. 

Adonat® Premium SAMe is an exceptional dietary ingredient, clinically proven to support liver functions and combat liver dysfunctions, promoting overall well-being: a new dedicated brochure describes the main advantages when it is supplemented. 

How can SAMe be an Ally in Liver Support?

Maintaining a healthy liver is essential for overall well-being, as it is a complex organ responsible for numerous vital functions, including detoxification, digestion, and metabolism. 

S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe) is endogenously produced, mostly in the liver, to support hepatic functions, such as protecting the liver against exogenous aggression and responding to liver injury. 

Indeed, SAMe can be deficient in the liver due to various factors, including aging, unhealthy diet, lifestyle, and environmental exposure – alcohol consumption, smoking, and some medications – leaving it vulnerable to injury. 

Supplementing with Adonat® Premium SAMe  is suggested to support liver function, counteracting the imbalance between increased production of free radicals and insufficient production of antioxidants. 

Learn more about SAMe’s contribution in the liver in the new dedicated brochure. 

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