Exploring The Backstory of Adonat Premium SAMe, pillars and features

What does Adonat® mean? Why is it branded as Premium SAMe? How this brand can help our partners to build reliability and help them in tailoring business?

In light of our own rebrand journey on Adonat®, we want to bring you inside. Through a short video, it is possible to effectively enter the Adonat® brand story, knowing easily which pillars and features we offer to our customers and partners.

Brand identity and Brand Positioning

SAMe (s-adenosylmethionine) is a versatile ingredient, finding applications in mood, liver and joint health. With this project we have tightly maintained the brand identity of Adonat®, using it as our master brand to anchor all sub-brands in the pipeline: moreover, we have created a new brand positioning that want to be transversal for all the application fields, with a key message of excellence, and for effective success in the global market.