Adonat® Premium SAMe Showcased at Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo 2024: «Investing in Well-being and Longevity»

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Adonat® Premium SAMe Showcased at Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo 2024 «Investing in Well-being and Longevity»

Gnosis by Lesaffre participated in Spain’s foremost trade event, the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo 2024, with a speech on challenges and relative opportunities on wellbeing and longevity, featuring Adonat® Premium SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) as a key ingredient. 

The event showcased the latest innovations and solutions for wellness and healthy living within the nutraceuticals industry, with leading manufacturers presenting their most outstanding developments. 

This seventh edition has received great support from members of the industry, making it a professional meeting place for producers, distributors, and customers alike. It ended successfully with a 21.25% increase in visitor numbers compared to the previous edition, with over 113 companies exhibiting, including 40% of foreign companies from a range of countries. 

Adonat® Premium SAMe Speech: Mitigating Age-Related Changes and Boosting Health Longevity

Lorena Carboni, Product Manager of Adonat® Premium SAMe, offered valuable insights during her speech, describing market trends and emerging health needs and behaviors, suggesting how people are even more aware that investing in health span and longevity requires a proactive approach and a long-term commitment. 

Indeed, projections show that by 2050 the world’s population of people aged 60 years and older will double. Moreover, healthy aging is no longer perceived as merely the absence of diseases, but instead as a maintenance of functional physical and mental ability to engage actively in society and the environment. 

This evolving situation calls for action, where leaders in the nutritional industry must rise to the occasion and leverage the growing business opportunities, providing innovative, science-based health solutions that meet the needs of this ever-growing audience. 

The Role of Adonat® Premium SAMe in Well-being and Longevity

SAMe is the body’s most important methylating agent playing a critical role in several key epigenetic mechanisms, showing potential characteristics in mitigating age-related changes.  

In addition to more traditional fields of application, such as mood & cognitive, liver, and joint health, SAMe supplementation represents a promising opportunity to face challenges linked to a rapidly growing and aging global population pursuing extended health and longevity, and to slow future age-related cognitive decline. 

“I am particularly grateful to our partner IMPAG Iberia, for having supported me and Gnosis by Lesaffre in the opportunity to talk about Adonat® and the role that each of us can have in active aging,” says Carboni. With the right diet and supplementation, individuals can lead longer and healthier lives, positively impacting their wellness and society. 

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