Adonat® and the Premium SAMe Rebranding Project

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Adonat®, together with its sub-brands, has undergone a vertically-integrated rebranding project focused on the “SAMe PREMIUM quality”, which has always been the protagonist of Gnosis by Lesaffre offer.

The new architecture of Adonat® is centered on the brand promise, and has been targeted to benefit our customers and partners, reflecting a deep dedication to client success.


The historical assets of Adonat® brand

Adonat® brand has been developed and found on meaningful differentiated assets: the name, the graphic component, and the baseline.

The name Adonat® has been inspired by the merging between the word AdoMet, one of the term associated to the ingredient (S-adenosylmethionine) and Nat derived from nature, inspired by the biotransformation process of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is utilized to industrially produce the raw material.

The graphic element is a pinwheel, that suggests both the large numbers of nutraceutical applications of SAMe (required to sustain mood, cognitive, liver, joint health and to support healthy aging) and the flexible pipeline of tablets and stabilized bulks included in the SAMe offer.

Finally, the baseline reminds the name of the ingredient, simply known as SAMe or SAM-e.

Adonat logo


A brand is not only a symbol or a name, but a PROMISE!

The relaunch of Adonat® brand has been targeted to answer some questions… How to summarize in just one word the industrial knowledge and expertise behind Adonat®? How to integrate the value of over 30 years of experience in manufacturing of both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients? How to create a bridge between the brand and the proved quality and exclusivity of the proprietary production process? …and finally, how to create a great value for our customers?

Adonat® new brand doesn’t look very different from the past but for the first time, it offers the promise of the brand, the PREMIUM SAMe quality, a key message of its excellence, for effective new positioning of the ingredient in the global market.  A promise of higher quality already historically realized by applying technology and science on the ingredient.


The Adonat® “Branded House” Strategy: common look & feel

Gnosis by Lesaffre has applied an “Branded House” strategy on different group of brands dedicated to finished tablets and stabilized bulk formulations of SAMe, based on Adonat® PREMIUM SAMe.

Until today all these brands were included in the Adonat® Family umbrella, with a specific identity for each solution provided.

Applying a “Branded House” strategy means to create a consistency of use of both Adonat® and its sub-brands, to build a common recognizable identity and a clearness in their use. The evolution consists in anchoring all sub-brands to Adonat® PREMIUM SAMe as master brand, integrating a new baseline that can differentiate the offer and create a value for customers and final users.

Adonat Branded House logo

What are the brand values of Adonat® Premium SAMe?

SAMe is an extraordinary dietary ingredient with proven effect on mood & cognitive, liver and joint health, but it is naturally unstable, mainly sensitive to moisture and heat. Since its discovery, its own intrinsic instability has represented the main target of industrial development.

Today the quantitative determination of the active SAMe is a key requirement to define the quality of the dietary ingredient supplied and the finished products as well.

Choosing Adonat® Premium SAMe for our customers, both as raw material and valued brand, means to be able to communicate to final users that they can trust on higher quality and efficacy, be sure that their choice has been the right one for their health.

About Adonat® Premium SAMe

SAMe is the most important methylating agent of human body, essential to sustain a variety of functions, including detoxification, energy production, immune function, maintaining and regulating genes, mood balancing and controlling inflammation. SAMe finds applications in mood, liver and joint health.

In mood and cognitive health, since SAMe and methylation levels decrease with aging, SAMe supplementation may contribute to support mood, brain function and neuronal health and may counteract the onset of health problems.

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