1st Epigenetics Society (ES) International Meeting: Epigenetics of Disease and Development.

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1st Epigenetics Society (ES) International Meeting: Epigenetics of Disease and Development.
Great success in Rome of the 1ST Epigenetics Society (ES) International Meeting, where Gnosis by Lesaffre was a sponsor with Adonat® Premium SAMe.

In the magnificent context of sunny Rome, just a few steps away from the best-known Trevi Fountain, Gnosis had the chance to attend and sponsor the 1st Epigenetics Society (ES) International Meeting last October 12th-14th, organized by Sapienza University of Rome, with an organizing Committee headed by Prof. Andrea Fuso – Neuroepigeneticist  and Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the  Dept. Of Experimental Medicine – Sapienza University of Rome  

More than 200 participants, from 27 countries and six continents, shared and discussed the latest findings results, and investigations around the theme of epigenetics and DNA methylation. 

Gnosis is proud to have been part of the sponsors, to help raise awareness of the importance of this science on longevity and life span.

Topics discussed and Poster Sessions: DNA Methylation at the heart of the congress and human health perspectives

The conference was perfectly orchestrated, with alternating moments of speaking sessions, roundtables, and scientific poster presentations during more informal coffee breaks. Epigenetics of Disease and Development was the core of the congress, with DNA methylation as one of the key topics that followed. 

 DNA methylation is a vital critical function in our body, regulating gene expression, and impacting aging and health by controlling cellular functions and disease susceptibility. 

Two of the posters presented were conducted on two Gnosis’ blockbuster ingredients: SAMe (under the brand name of Adonat® Premium SAMe)  and Vitamin K2 (under the brand name of MenaQ7 ®), showing promising results in this field of research:  

“CpG and non-1CpG DNA methylation is involved in the epigenetic modulation of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration by Vitamin K2 derivatives in SK-N-BE neuroblastoma cell line”, @Cavallaro Rosaria A. 

“The cross-talk between miR-29a and DNA methylation in Alzheimer’s Disease”, @Raia Tiziana. 

Gnosis by Lesaffre and La Sapienza Collaboration

Both studies were conducted at Sapienza University of Rome, the institution which Gnosis has a long-standing collaboration with.  The key takeout from this flourishing field of science can open a potential new opportunity for SAMe:  DNA Methylation appears to be important in the suppression of errors in DNA replication. Proper methylation through substances such as SAMe  Adonat® Premium SAMe, the main methylator agent of human body, and vitamin B, including B9 – Quatrefolic® – can positively influence human longevity. 

Adonat® Premium SAMe and Epigenetics: a dedicated webinar

On October 31St, Adonat® Premium SAMe will be protagonist of a webinar dedicated webinar on role of methylation and epigenetics, and the relative market opportunities

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