Lynside® Forte Se+ and Quatrefolic®: A combo for men and women fertility

Gnosis offers Lynside® Forte Se+, a selenium-enriched yeast important to support male fertility, especially on spermatogenesis. Selenium is also involved in female fertility. This yeast in combination with Quatrefolic® is considered as a complementary combo to support both men and women fertility. To discover more, download the brochure.

Get Your K2 Science From the Source

At the heart of MenaQ7®’s unmatched efficacy is an extensive body of research. With numerous published human clinical trials, MenaQ7® has solidified its position as a frontrunner in Vitamin K2 supplements. These studies not only validate its potency but also provide valuable insights into the potential health benefits of this essential nutrient.

Lynside® Forte B: B vitamins for Cognitive Health

Cognitive market is rising. Among this market, B vitamins are key ingredients to support health benefits. In this brochure, discover all the roles of B vitamins on cognitive health. Find out more on how Lynside® Forte B, a B vitamins fortified yeast, is the right ingredient for cognitive health.


Brain-Quantum ready formula in tablets offers a comprehensive approach to optimal brain health, with a synergy among three molecules able to cross the blood-brain barrier and to be immediately available on the brain: the most potent methylator (SAMe), the active form of folate (5-MTHF), and the easy-to-absorb methylcobalamin (vit B12), to support methylation and neurotransmitter synthesis, for a healthy mood, good cognitive functions, and processing.

Emothion® Health Tour collection: Glutathione and Brain

Emothion® Tour collection: Glutathione and Brain

”Emothion® Health Tour” is a new collection of brochures dedicated to the multiple applications of the S-acetyl glutathione, the in-body form of glutathione, and how it overcomes reduced glutathione absorption limits. Second brochure to discover how Emothion® will set your brain product development apart!

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