Comparative Quality-Based Assessment of SAMe Ingredients

The quality of the SAMe ingredients used in a dietary supplement is a crucial aspect that should not be overlooked when striving to provide an optimal product. A comparative quality-driven analysis carried out on different SAMe ingredients in the market has confirmed Adonat® Premium SAMe’s premium quality.


Brain-Quantum ready formula in tablets offers a comprehensive approach to optimal brain health, with a synergy among three molecules able to cross the blood-brain barrier and to be immediately available on the brain: the most potent methylator (SAMe), the active form of folate (5-MTHF), and the easy-to-absorb methylcobalamin (vit B12), to support methylation and neurotransmitter synthesis, for a healthy mood, good cognitive functions, and processing.

Ignite Healthspan and Longevity with Adonat® Premium SAMe

The new Gnosis brochure aims to describe the complex relationships between methylation, epigenetics, longevity, and lifespan. Concise language and visuals break down complex scientific concepts, making this information more understandable and relevant to a diverse audience.

SAMe: a powerful Nootropic to enhance Brain Health

Discover in the new infographic how brain health is influenced by daily-life elements and how Adonat® Premium SAMe works as a nootropic booster to increase and promote brain neuro functionality with simultaneous improvement in brain health

Beyond SAMe Quality


Discover why Adonat® is the premium SAMe in the market, because the quality of SAMe matters!

Get the FACTS about Adonat® in Brain Health


Opportunities and facts have been analyzed and summarized in the dedicated infographic. Look on how the market is divided on the basis of applications, and how pandemic impacted mental brain perception.

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