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5 nutrients to support immune health and the science behind

Everybody needs a regular, reliable source of ZINC, SELENIUM, VITAMIN B6, VITAMIN B9, VITAMIN B12. Read the e-book to discover these major vitamins and minerals helping your immune system to perform!

"Vitamin K2 Status and Health Concerns"

Vitamin K2 is a vital nutrient newly recognized for supporting bone and heart health. This has been shown in observational and intervention trials, in healthy and patient populations, in adults and children. Download the White Paper to know more.

Nutrition, Immunity and Gut Microbiota: the 2020’ breakthroughs

What are the most important advances in our understanding of how the gut microbiome and our diet contribute to human health beyond the gastrointestinal milieu in 2020? A new e-book reviews the main discoveries during this year

S.Boulardii in Infants and Children with Acute Diarrhea

S.boulardii, is the most documented probiotic yeast today, supported by decades of physicians' prescribtions to support a healthy gut. Discover our patented strain of S.boulardii with clinically proven efficacy to help manage diarrhea and restore the gut flora balance. Stay-tuned, something new is coming soon !
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Get the FACTS about Adonat® in Brain Health

Opportunities and facts have been analyzed and summarized in the dedicated infographic. Look on how the market is divided on the basis of applications, and how pandemic impacted mental brain perception

Noochy Crisp:
Discover the future of nutritional yeast

Noochy Crisp™ as the first crispy nutritional yeast, the innovative and new form to revolutionize the market. With Noochy Crisp™, consumers will discover a sensorial experience thanks to an enjoyable crunchy texture.