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MenaQ7® is the only clinically proven vitamin K2 for bone and heart health. With over 20 clinical studies that prove safe and effective health benefits, MenaQ7’s ironclad science portfolio gives you the confidence that your products will deliver promised health benefits and the ability to offer claims that will gain attention on crowded shelves.

The MenaQ7® product range offers the most comprehensive selection of high-quality Vitamin K2 derived from fermentation or organic synthesis, providing you more flexibility and opportunity when developing your product portfolio.

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Market segments for MenaQ7®:

Pure and Natural
MenaQ7® is Vitamin K2 as MK-7 derived by natural fermentation, completely free from known allergens, and backed by published studies demonstrating improvements in bone and cardiovascular health, enabling strong product positioning and differentiation.
A Powerful Protector
Matrix Gla Protein (MGP) is the most potent modulator of vascular calcification known today, but it requires adequate Vitamin K2 to activate it. Population studies show that high dietary intake of Vitamin K2 – but not K1 – results in reduced cardiovascular risk.

Essential for Healthy Aging

MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 taken daily has been clinically proven to not only inhibit age-related arterial stiffening but also promote vascular elasticity!




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