Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic

The first patented yeast cell wall with a proven prebiotic effect. It promotes a balanced gut microbiota and induces a metabolic dependant-response on the host enterotype. A low dosage of Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic is enough to enhance the microbiota diversity for better immune activities! Thanks to this adaptive improvement of different microbiota profiles, Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic offers untapped opportunities in personalized and adapted micronutrition.

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  • Probiotics
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    • Wellness & Immune
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    • Daily Nutrition iconDaily Nutrition
    • Immunity
    • Microbiome balance iconMicrobiome Balance
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  • Gluten-free
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Lactose-free
  • Vegetarian-vegan iconVegetarian and Vegan

Giving formulators maximum flexibility and versatility for the best quality finished products​

Quatreflora is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and is a certified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for use in over-the-counter and prescription products.

One single ingredient for personalized micro nutrition opportunities

We all share a core microbiome structure, but we can gather similar profiles into groups called enterotypes, which depend on factors such as geographical lifestyles and food habits.

Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic can be fermented either by one bacteria family or another depending on the host enterotype. That makes it an ally to develop personalized functional foods or dietary supplements.

Enhances the natural production of short-chain fatty acids in your body

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) are metabolites that are naturally produced by good bacteria living in our gut. Science and preclinical studies have shown that SCFA can take part in the immune response in different ways. Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic passes through the digestive system without being degraded. Once in the colon, it will nourish fundamental bacteria of our microbiota unusually targeted by other prebiotics, allowing them not only to thrive but also to produce more SCFA.

Low dosage for untapped prebiotic dietary supplements development

A dynamic in-vitro gut model study shows a long-lasting fermentation of Lynside® Immunity Prebiotic in proximal and distal colons. This scenario challenges the current prebiotic side effects, as it requires a very low daily dosage and promotes a continuing prebiotic response with low gas production. This low dosage (from 500mg/day) allows for convenient dietary supplement formats like caps.

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