Who are the consumers of dietary supplement in North America and Europe?

Who are the consumers of dietary supplement in NA and Europe

Who, what, where and why we consume dietary supplements in North America and Europe? This analysis provides to Marketing and R&D experts some data on the market trends of dietary supplements.

Thanks to the infographic on market trends, identify who are personas of dietary supplements and what ingredients they look for to improve their immune system. Going through different solutions from probiotic to Zinc or B vitamins, with a specific focus on UK and Italy, discover target populations and ingredients dedicated to immunity considered as the more relevant by consumers.

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The new Quatrefolic® website is live now

We are excited to announce the launch of the new and innovative website Quatrefolic.com. We improved and made the website more efficient and appealing with a clean design aligned with the Quatrefolic Brand identity by putting people in the heart of the website.

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