Webinar : why Quatrefolic® is the Folate Blockbuster

Quatrefolic® is the innovative folate that the body use it immediately without any kind of metabolization. Take the opportunity to improve your knowledge about Folate and its many uses you can make to feel good.

The terms ‘folic acid’ and ‘folate’ are often confused but are not the same.  Folates are naturally found in foods and supplements in the form of folic acid. However, the body is able to use only the active form of both. This phase of metabolism is not necessary for folates such as Quatrefolic®.


Who needs folate the most? The folate is important during conception, pregnancy, chilhood, menopause and in the golden years. Quatrefolic® has many benefits and the folate deficiency can cause many clinical abnormalities, including macrocytic anemia, cardiovascular diseases, and carcinogenesis. Learn more about our webinar!