WEBINAR:  Uncovering SAMe Role in Epigenetics and Longevity

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WEBINAR:  Uncovering SAMe Role in Epigenetics and Longevity

S-adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe), the most important methylator agent of our body, plays a critical role in several key epigenetic mechanisms. Its supplementation has been explored as a potential ally in mitigating age-related epigenetic changes.

Do you want to know how to promote health span and longevity through a nutritional approach? Have you heard about epigenetics, an attractive and non-invasive growing field of research with strong potential in the nutritional industry?  
Register now for this webinar to discover how methylation, a vital metabolic process taking place a million times a second in every cell, is directly linked to longevity in humans.

Regain Vitality, Embrace Longevity with the Quality Methylator Agent: Adonat®, the Premium SAMe

SAMe is a naturally occurring molecule that plays a critical role in several key epigenetic mechanisms. SAMe supplementation has shown promise in maintaining brain functionality, supporting brain health, and potentially reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

What Can You Discover in This Webinar?

Thanks to the kind participation of Prof. Andrea Fuso, Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Dept. Of Experimental Medicine – Sapienza University of Rome – this webinar offers a unique opportunity to gain exclusive insights into:

  • Healthy aging and epigenetics market opportunities; 
  • What epigenetics is and how environmental factors, like diet, stress, and behavior, can influence gene activity and individual’s health, having an impact on risk for disease, and general well-being; 
  • Why dysregulation of methylation patterns can be associated with neurodegenerative conditions; 
  • The role of one-carbon metabolism in epigenetics; 
  • How proper methylation through SAMe supplementation can positively influence longevity; 
  • Adonat® Premium SAMe, the only branded SAMe ingredient in the market; and 
  • How Adonat® Premium SAMe, the only branded SAMe ingredient on the market, works with Quatrefolic®.

Webinar Speakers

Andrea Fuso, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
Dept. Of Experimental Medicine – Sapienza University of Rome 

Neuroepigeneticist Dr. Fuso is a researcher and Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Epigenetics, and the author of more than 80 research papers published in international peer-reviewed journals and five book chapters on epigenetics, nutrition, and neurodegeneration. He is also on the board of Directors of the Epigenetics Society.

Lorena Carboni 

Product Manager Adonat® Premium SAMe & Scientific Communication Specialist with Gnosis by Lesaffre 

With more than 15 years of experience in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, Carboni specializes in the scientific, clinical, and educational aspects of natural ingredients, particularly in the relationship between one-carbon metabolism components and human health. 

Beatrice Minin 

Mood & Cognitive Health Market Manager with Gnosis by Lesaffre 

Beatrice Minin is responsible for Mood & Cognitive Health Market for Gnosis by Lesaffre, which she joined in 2021. Before embracing the nutritional supplement industry, she worked as a Strategic Marketing Manager in the cosmetic field in Paris and Milan for eight years.

1st Epigenetics Society (ES) International Meeting: Moving Science Forward

Prof. Andrea Fuso and his Multidisciplinary Team of researchers have just successfully closed the 1st Epigenetics Society (ES) International Meeting: Epigenetics of Disease and Development, held on October 12 -14, 2023 in Rome, and sponsored by Gnosis by Lesaffre. The event had an extraordinary array of speakers, talking about the Epigenetics of Disease and Development. The meeting has provided a platform for experts to share cutting-edge findings, fostering collaboration and innovation in understanding how epigenetic modifications influence these critical aspects of biology.

Today, Fuso’s team has a long-standing relationship and open collaboration with Gnosis by Lesaffre, with a research project intimately linked with SAMe to explore how this ingredient can contribute to human health. A recent article has been published, investigating whether supplementation with SAMe (as Adonat® Premium SAMe) could exert a protective role towards the manifestation of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)-like symptoms. 

October 31, 2023 
Start Time: 1 pm EDT | 10 am  PDT | 6 pm CET 

60 minutes

101 rue de Menin
59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul

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