Unveiling a Bold New Brand Identity for MenaQ7® K2

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Since its beginning, the brand value of MenaQ7® was built, step by step, on critical pillars that eventually became the backbone of the K2 category as we know it today. Renowned for its proven ability to support bone and cardiovascular health, Vitamin K2 continues to gain recognition, and the future shines brighter than ever for this potent molecule. Join us on this exciting journey with MenaQ7®, as we unveil its new brand identity.
With emerging research, it becomes crucial to further explore the expanding role of vitamin K2 in promoting foundational health at all stages of life, and at Gnosis, we are looking beyond the clinically proven benefits of Vitamin K2 for bone and heart health. This evolution marks the perfect time for us to redefine the MenaQ7® brand identity, reflecting our commitment to exploration and discovery.

A Vitamin K2 Evolution

The refreshed logo, featuring a magnifying glass, encapsulates the spirit of curiosity, an essential attribute to usher Vitamin K2 into the future —  illuminating new indications with technological innovations that will unlock new finished product applications. Other new elements are the logo’s colors and tagline. The new logo emphasizes Gnosis’ dedication to natural processes that leave minimal impact on the environment.

Through this new brand identity, we  emphasize an unwavering commitment to transforming health through scientifically backed, natural solutions. Simply put, MenaQ7® is the K2 brand that goes above and beyond and is the choice for brands that aspire for more. Experience it firsthand with our captivating video.

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