Uncluttering Gnosis’ Brain Health ingredient landscape

Mental Wellbeing and Cognitive Health keep their role as top priorities for consumers, leaving nutritional supplement formulation opportunities for researched ingredients such as SAMe, Folate, and Glutathione

Mental health symptoms surged during the pandemic worldwide. Along with the global aging population, COVID-19 is one of the main reasons why mental wellness and cognitive health have become consumers’ top priorities and collective social responsibilities.

Natural Product Insider recently published an article explaining the most recent Brain Health market data trends and presenting Gnosis by Lesaffre’s solutions to address supplement market needs.


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Join us to Natural Products ExpoWest 2023

Natural Products Expo West is the largest natural, organic and healthy products event in the US to discover new products with more than 85,000 attendees. Gnosis team from US and Europe are looking forward to greeting you to discuss how we can support your efforts to bring natural products and solutions to your consumers.

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MenaQ7® Vitamin K2: At the Heart of the Matter

Cardiovascular health remains a global concern, and one of the reasons that consumers seek protective benefits of dietary supplementation. As much as 80% of consumers in Europe and the US recognize the link between good heart health and good overall health (FMCG).

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