The role of prebiotics on the microbiome


Prebiotics selectively improve the composition of the microbiota providing numerous health benefits

Microbiota diversity is key to enhance immunity.


And prebiotic supplementation is a great way to balance this microbiota composition.


80% of our immune cells live in the gut, close to thousands of bacteria from different families. 


Good bacteria have different ways of impacting immune activities, improving immune response to defend our body. 


One of these is the production of immune-related metabolites through the fermentation of prebiotics. 

Prebiotics feed good bacteria

Our food naturally contains prebiotics. Most of the time these are dietary fibers, but prebiotics are also present in breast milk. Prebiotics can also be added to food or taken as a food supplement, to feed our microbiota and shape our microbiome.
They pass through the digestive tract and reach the colon. 


There are selectively recognized by good bacteria, then metabolized. It induces specific beneficial changes in the composition and activity of the microbiota.

Prebiotics sound new for you? Discover our dedicated infographic to learn about their positive impact on your microbiota.


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