Shining a Light on the Potency of Vitamin K2 for Heart Health

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Shining a Light on the Potency of Vitamin K2 for Heart Health

As we age, our arteries tend to become stiffer and calcified, posing a significant risk to our cardiovascular health. However, recent research has shed light on an important finding :  arterial stiffness and calcification are not merely an inevitable consequence of aging, but rather a regulated process. And there’s one nutrient that emerges as a crucial player in this process.

A Proven Supporter of Cardiovascular Health By Promoting Calcium Balance in the Body

Researchers are increasingly uncovering the profound impact of Vitamin K2 on maintaining a robust cardiovascular system throughout life. The secret lies in Vitamin K2’s interaction with Calcium, which when in balance can greatly influence our heart (and bone) health. On one hand, Calcium is utilized by our bones, aiding in the construction and maintenance of healthy bone mass. At the same time, Calcium tends to accumulate in arteries and soft tissues, where it can do harm.

While observational data has hinted at a connection between Vitamin K2 intake and cardiovascular health, groundbreaking MenaQ7® intervention trials have validated this understanding. These remarkable clinical studies, conducted over three years and one year, respectively, investigated the effects of nutritional doses of Vitamin K2 compared to placebo on arterial stiffness in healthy individuals.

The outcomes of these pioneering clinical trials have sparked a renewed interest in Vitamin K2 as a true powerhouse nutrient that should play a pivotal role in products designed to support heart health. 

Download the MenaQ7® Heart Health Brochure today and find out how the proven benefits will add value to any heart-smart formulation. 

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