Active Folate vs Folic Acid: what's the big debate around folate? Discover Quatrefolic®

Discover in this WEBINAR all the recent market and scientific updates about folate, with our expert Luca Tiano, Professor of Nutrigenetic and Nutrigenomic at the Polytechnic University of Marche.

TITLE: Active Folate vs Folic Acid: what’s the big debate around folate? Discover Quatrefolic®

Start Date:  December 16th, 2020
Start Time:  11:30 AM EDT
Duration: 30 minutes

The current debate is “which form of folate is better”. In fact, there’s a lot of confusion regarding folic acid and folate, even among professionals. Folic acid does not occur naturally in foods, and to function within the body it requires to be activated by specific enzymes and this process is slow and inefficient in some people. On the contrary, Quatrefolic® is the biologically active form of folate and is absorbed directly and naturally by our body and it is naturally effective.


Folate is available in multivitamins and prenatal vitamins. It is also available in B-complex dietary supplements and supplements containing only folate. In dietary supplements, folate is usually in the form of folic acid or active folate as Quatrefolic®.