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Thanks to its bioavailability, Quatrefolic® has become the reference for folate dietary supplements. It guarantees the right dosage of biologically active folate that can immediately supports the reproductive stage, homocysteine metabolism, cardiovascular health, mood & brain functioning.

The human body cannot produce folate by itself, therefore must necessarily be introduced by the diet. In vivo, folic acid and food folates must be converted to 5-MTHF, through a multi-steps process where the enzyme methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) owns a key role.

Decreased activities of MTHFR enzyme are present in some individuals, due to their unique genetic patterns and expression: they have polymorphic forms of this enzyme, which are associated with reduced plasma levels of the biologically active 5-MTHF folate.

The benefits of Quatrefolic®, the right choice of folate

Quatrefolic® does not need any specific metabolism to guarantee all the benefits. The 5-MTHFR provides all the nutritional benefits directly, without “genetic” impacts on the bioavailable blood folate. Cellular regeneration is an ongoing process in the body, from our skin layers, nails, and hair growth, which requires protein and DNA production to more complex body functions.

Quatrefolic® plays a pivotal role in tissue growth, one carbon metabolism and cell function. It works with vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and vitamin C to break down and create new proteins.

Benefit targets are huge from healthy pregnancy, fertility, well function of the immune system, cardiovascular protection, and balanced homocysteine level in blood.


Quatrefolic® New Video

Quatrefolic® New Video

Modern reliance on science to nourish and improve skin has led to the emergence of a beauty supplement market. To introduce innovative beauty supplement concepts, the successful addition of Quatrefolic®, an active folate vitamin, as a key ingredient can provide substantial benefits.

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