Probiotic and sustainable substantiation

Probiotic and sustainable substantiation

More and more customers and consumers are aware about the scientific background on probiotics. They are looking for more and more robust scientific evidence.

The science on probiotic is important and get stronger and stronger. Customers are now in line with this evolution of the probiotic world. To answer customers’ needs, probiotic suppliers must provide strong scientific evidence. This scientific evidence will reinforce the trust of consumers on probiotics.

The substantiation requested by consumers should be in line with the global trend: SUSTAINABILITY. 

Sustainability, a new challenge for science

Sustainability is now a global value for a major part of the population. Probiotic producer must be aligned with this request from the market. This sustainability value also concerns science. This change induced an important in the scientific world. 

Sustainability in science, especially on substantiation, concern several topics.

A major one is the use of animal on the preclinical stage. To limit the use of animals, some companies developed new scientific models. One of them is Emulate which developed a model called Gut-on-Chip, an in vitro model that mimics human body.

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