News and Views on Folate and Elderly Persons; Quatrefolic® new tool

In our modern society, deficiency of folate—overt or latent—is mainly a problem of the elderly and a challenge to the nutritional supplement industry. Quatrefolic® is the innovative solution to answer this need.


“Quatrefolic® 360°” is a new collection of brochures dedicated to the wide range of applications of the 5-MTHF, the active folate in human health, and its advantages compared to folic acid. In each number, the Quatrefolic® 360° collection will offer a focus on a specific field with an overview of the market trends of folate, together with a scientific focus on the advantages of the use of the 5-MTHF, when supplemented. This second leaflet is dedicated to the role of folate deficency and supplementation in support healthy aging and wellness and functional efficency in older age.


Folate and aging Process

Numerous physical and physiological changes occur during the aging processes. aging is associated with changes in gastrointestinal function that could affect the absorption of different folate forms. To balance the diverse needs that our body required to well function, the active form of folate (5-MTHF) should be strongly considered as universally beneficial vitamin. To discover how Quatrefolic® can better provide adequate levels of folate to prevent from risks linked with aging, fill in the form to receive the leaflet and enjoy the reading.