NEW: MenaQ7® Brochure for Proven, Pure, and Natural Vitamin K2

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NEW MenaQ7® Brochure for Proven, Pure, and Natural Vitamin K2

This global brochure offers comprehensive insights to help you select the optimal vitamin K2, showcasing its high-value attributes that align perfectly with brands that aspire for more.

As a supplier of premium branded ingredients, we’re accustomed to scrutiny from customers and prospects. Now, as consumers seek transparency in supplement ingredients, we happily embrace this trend. Dive into all things MenaQ7® and illuminate its benefits in a way that exceeds your customers’ expectations. 

All You Need to Know About Vitamin K2

Understanding the nuances between K1 and K2 is crucial when you select the type of vitamin K for your product. Did you know that K2 as MK-7 is the most optimal form of vitamin K and the best choice for truly effective formulations for bone and heart health?  

The brochure explains this in a clear way, highlighting the mechanism of action, but also the level of K deficiency in the population.  

Positioning MenaQ7® at All Stages in Life

Proven effective in supporting bone and cardiovascular health across all life stages, MenaQ7® presents great opportunities to position vitamin K2 for different demographics. 

Our substantiation provides valuable support, helping you to craft messaging that speaks to the needs of your target audience. Whether your product supports children in building strong bones, aids postmenopausal women in maintaining essential bone and heart health, or assists fitness enthusiasts in staying active for longer, MenaQ7® is well-positioned to meet those needs. 

Proven, Pure, & Natural K2 for People and Planet

MenaQ7® is the most clinically proven K2 as MK-7 in the market, with ongoing studies to substantiate new areas supporting our health.

Manufactured in Europe within our cGMP facility, our multi-step fermentation process mirrors the way K2 is made in nature.

Gain insight into our environmental management systems and the measures Gnosis has implemented to minimize our environmental footprint.

These factors, and more, distinguish MenaQ7® from other K2s on the market, and we believe it provides a high-value edge to your K2 product and its success.

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