NEW MenaQ7® Matrix Brochure: Clean, Stable & Protected K2

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NEW MenaQ7® Matrix Brochure Clean, Stable & Protected K2

Get the latest insight on how to effortlessly formulate complex ingredient combinations, while ensuring stable and effective vitamin K2. 

MenaQ7® Matrix is a groundbreaking solution that offers the latest in vitamin K2 protection. This innovative, award-winning clean-label technology surpasses conventional microencapsulated alternatives. And here is why. 

Proven and Stable Vitamin K2

Moisture and alkaline conditions are elements that can degrade the effectiveness of vitamin K2 in certain formulations, and this is why one must pay attention to the protective properties put in place by your K2 supplierFor us, offering the most clinically validated vitamin K2 as MK-7 in the market, we pay extra attention to ensuring the proven benefits are successfully delivered in the desired formats and formulations by our customers. 

Tailored Formulation and Maximum Efficacy

MenaQ7® Matrix offers improved powder flowability by as much as 40%, ensuring a consistently homogeneous powder. The value of this can be seen on your bottom line as it reduces the need for ingredient overage in production. Its outstanding dispersibility offers manufacturers the flexibility to utilize the same product across diverse applications, streamlining your operations.  

Although traditional formats like tablets and capsules are still the dominant formats, new formats like gummies, liquids, and sachets are growing exponentially, and with the Matrix Solutions Platform your options are almost limitless. The value of its versatility cannot be understated. 

Clean Label, Naturally

The technical attributes are a clear value adds to manufacturers, but MenaQ7® Matrix offers value that draws attention and appreciation also by supplement-buying consumers.  

Compared to microencapsulated K2 alternatives in the market, the Matrix technology enables natural protection with the shortest list of ingredients, no additives, and no coating.  Derived by natural fermentation you can also be sure MenaQ7® is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and free from allergens.  

In short, MenaQ7® Matrix offers a gateway to enhanced stability, efficacy, and consumer satisfaction and should be a natural choice for your next vitamin K2 formulation. 

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